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Successful Tips for Marketing Your Content

If you have great content, you may not be thinking about needing to market it. Of course, high-quality material is a big part of the equation, but promotion is an often overlooked area. These are some of the best tips that business contact marketing agencies use for marketing your content.

Marketing your Content

Create Multiple Snippets for Sharing on Social Media

After you’ve created great content, make some small “snippets” that you can easily share on social media sites. Examples of a snippet include variations of the title, statements from the content, statistics from your content, or short quotes from the content. Pull together 15-20 of these and then share them on social media over a few weeks or even months. You’ll make it easier for your work to be seen.

Email Your Sources

When you’re creating content, you’re probably going to mention your sources. Any time that you do, email the person to let them know that you’ve found their point of view valuable and would like to hear their thoughts. Not every person is going to share your article. However, many of them will read, share, and even link to your content, helping you in the process.

Contact People with Shared Similar Content

Since your work is going to be in a particular area, you will come across similar content while creating your own. Take the URLs from similar articles and look for them on Twitter. You’ll be able to see which people have shared them on the site. Connect with them and send a direct message. Or, if they have a website, send them an email and ask them to read and share your content. This targeted marketing strategy is going to work well.

Display Content in Varying Formats

Your content may start out as a blog post or a guide, but you can reach a wider audience if you change how you’re displaying that information. For example, if you can turn your content into a video, you’ll be able to reach more people easily. Another option is to turn your content into a slide deck. SlideShare is a great way to reach a unique audience that might miss your content otherwise. Displaying your information in varying formats opens a huge number of doors.

Create a Content Ad

One great site for creating content ads is Outbrain. This site is a service that promotes content on other pieces of content. For example, if you’ve ever read an article on a publication site, then you’ve probably seen sections below the article that are promoting other content. You can promote your own work in the same way to get more traffic. The cost for each click is fairly low, especially compared with other advertising platforms and you’ll also be targeting your ideal audience. Other services which you can use include Taboola and LinkWithin.

Now that you’ve gotten some great tips for marketing your content, it’s time to get started. Keep in mind that you may want to work on one of these at a time. Over time, you’ll be able to increase your traffic and exposure and keep them engaged with this expert advice.